Kryptic Kids

The Kryptic Kids are the adventures of four ordinary children, Brad, Niki, Steve and Tara.

Each time they meet they end up finding themselves trying to solve a mystery, by overcoming challenges and obstacles that they are presented with.

With each challenge, they learn more about each other; their own individual abilities and the strong bond that is the foundation of their friendship.

In their opening adventure, they investigate the mysterious disappearance of an ancient key from the local history museum.

Why would anyone want to take a rusty old key? They Kryptic Kids are on the case.

“mystery and adventure blended with lots of fun!”

Kryptic Kids - The Main Characters

Steve Steve
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Age: 11
Characteristics: Steve is a quiet, yet inquisitive boy who is always looking to experiment. Sometimes this leads to interesting results!
Hobbies: Science and Technology, Gadgets
Special Ability: Intelligent and quick witted
Brad Brad
Birthplace: USA
Age: 10
Characteristics: Brad loves sport and he hates losing! He sees sport as the universal language for friendship.
Hobbies: Sport, sport, sport
Special Ability: Very sporty and can run very fast
Niki Niki
Birthplace: China
Age: 10
Characteristics: Niki loves to meet new people and learn about different cultures and their history. She has an endless thirst for knowledge.
Hobbies: Learning languages, history
Special Ability: Multi-lingual, martial arts
Tara Tara
Birthplace: India
Age: 11
Characteristics: Tara is an outgoing girl who loves helping others. Her dreams and aspirations are to become a nurse and travel the world.
Hobbies: Health and Fitness
Special Ability: Ability to calm and resolve conflicts